2002 - ECOS was registered with Security and Exchange
Commission (SEC) with Mr. SYUICHI TAJIMA as Secretary General.

2003 - Attend UN Summit for environmental Sustainable
Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. Represent the Philippines and
featured the Philippine Government’s Implementation of R.A. 8749 also known as The Clean air Act of 1999.

2003 - Attend Sustainable Environmental Transport Summit in
Nagoya, Japan sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Transport of Japan
wherein Philippines’ Land Transportation Office was also invited and presented
the Philippine situation on implementation of CLEAN-AIR ACT of 1999.

2004 - Liaison between Government of Japan and the Philippines
for Conference on Manila Policy Dialogue in Environmental and Transport in the
Asian Region sponsored by the Government of Japan. Representative from 14
Asian Countries attended : Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia,
Japan, Laos, PDR Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Republic of Korea, Singapore,
Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines.

2005 - Organizer of PENGUIN SUMMIT 2005 in Manila that
features Live Penguins in promoting the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

- Attend Earth Day Celebration at Ayala Sponsored by Ayala Foundation.

- Participated as one of the Exhibitor of the Earth Day Celebration sponsored by the DENR
- Attend July CSR Week celebration at Philippine Plaza

- Participated at Shell Foundation Youth Camp at Pillilia Rizal